Team Building

Being cooped up in the office can take you to the border between sanity and insane. Office battles rage with the worst coming out when it’s not necessary resulting in feuds between co-workers. Action Fun Hire has the solution to your 8-5 routine with challenges geared to pump the adrenaline and get to settle those feuds away from the office.

Corporate team building can vary from light exercise to an event that will get your pulse racing and provide a strenuous cerebral workout. These exercises revolve around success through team work and good camaraderie. we offer a range of professional team building exercises and corporate activities that meet the different needs of companies, in order to improve team performance and efficiencies. Some of the challenges include: Gladiator Pillow Bash, Gladiator Ramp, Obstacle Mat, Net Crawl, Pole Balance, Tyre Run.

Each team must have no more than 10 participants. Teams must have different color shirts for easy identification. 2 teams participate at once, be timed and eliminated accordingly.